While the rest of the world is out catching Pokemon, our week 30 winners were out catching a summer state-of-mind. This week’s #366daysofsummer winners escaped the hum drum of everyday life and technology to explore their surroundings. In today’s world often times people forget to take a minute to step back and be apart of this world that we all live in. That is exactly what this week’s winners did. 

They reminded us to let loose and have a little fun and did that all, while taking us on some awesome adventures. We went high-flying into a new perspective, went swimming in the quiet of the deep blue, and watched fireworks explode in the night sky. The winners gave us soothing views through the Remmy’s, a sky full of stars as far as the eye can see, and killer skateboard tricks with their best friend. These winners showed the world that their is a world outside of your phone that is waiting to be explored. So, let the rest of the world lose their minds over Pokemon and go catch some waves or whatever your next adventure may be. We can’t wait to see what you all have in store for us next! Tag us along the way for your chance to win, new winners announced each day!

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