84 days. A short 12 weeks. 1/4 of the year. That’s all we get for the generic summer season. Well why define it by such trivial matters as time? Why not chase that summer feeling all year? 366 days on this leap year. Today marks the end of Week 29 of our #366daysofsummer campaign and brings us to day 205 in our epic year. This week our seven summer days did anything but disappoint.

We started the week off by filling up a nice cup of the outdoors to brighten our Monday and exploring the golden fields of the golden coast. To spice up the mid week slump, we skipped the office, but we kept the suit and briefcase. While already out of the office, why not skip over to Zion National Park and look through a new lens of adventure. On the weekend we watched the sunset over the ocean, camped on the beach, and swam under waterfalls. Another epic week in our book of summer adventures. We can’t wait to see where you all take us next, be sure to share your adventures with us for your chance to be our next featured winner! New winners announced each day.

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