A curation of photographs from Daniel Russo and his experiences that went along with them. 

1. Early morning Chuns Reef. Alex always surfs from sun up to sun down when he comes to Hawaii because the waves are so good. 

2. Sunset off a remote island in the Mentawais. Shot on Kodak Ektar 100.

3. Post surf portrait of Alex in Hawaii.  

4. Fuller at Pipeline. This day was spectacular. The barrels were as big as they get on first reef. One of my favorite water photographs I have gotten of Danny. 

5. Early season arial photo of Log Cabins. This image was from an arial shoot I was working on that never got used. I really like the way you can see the morning footprints from all the walkers and the reef. 

6. One day I woke up and came up with an idea to shoot Pipeline from a Helicopter. This a series of what came from that thought.  

7. This was third reef pipeline from the heli. 

8. Backdoor from the heli. Hanging out of the chopper with a 500mm was such a contrast from being in the water and shooting with a 16mm. 

7. Perfect lip line as we tracked over the wave. To be able to move and position the framing of my photograph with out getting cleaned up by a set was really fun.

8. Surfer rolls in from second reef lining up the first reef barrel section. You can see all the surfers in the line up, the waves behind getting ready to break.  

9. Golden light and a west swell swooping down the coast. I have been very fortunate to have been raised on the North Shore. 

10. Abstract lines on a remote wave outside Alligators.  

11. Pipeline and one its many faces. This particular wave you can picture yourself bodysurfing or surfing it, right ?

12. One night while we were eating dinner in Tahiti I put my hasselblad on a tripod and left the shutter open while we ate. Love Tahiti and everything about that beautiful island. 

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