The Archives, a new interview series featuring on the pulse photographers who have been capturing our attention and imagination, exploring their archives, their process, and their life as an artist.


California bred but New York based photographer Jeffery Jones is our first test subject for our new interview series, The Archives. His works tiptoe gracefully between the editorial fashion world of New York and the laid back surf energy of Costa Mesa, making him a rare breed in a saturated market and someone we’re certainly keeping our eye on.


What are you working on right now?


At the moment I’m in California, but soon I'm headed back to New York for fashion editorial shoots.


Do you prefer fashion or surf?


I prefer fashion for the clothing & surfing for the purity of the sport. They both have a unique perspective completely different from one another.


The Archives: Jeffery Jones Part 1


Your work has a wonderful way of fusing the two, and yet they seem like very different genres, how do you make that happen?


Thank you! It was never my intention to merge the two genres. It just happened. I feel guilty about it though & my photographs still aren't quite to my liking. I also worry that my friends & the surf community are judging me on this. So at the moment, I’m not sure I should continue doing it or in the way that I have been. I’m just being honest here…


I think it’s good a niche, and I think that’s more important than not being judged, but hey that’s just me.


You’re based in NY, why is that?


I don’t think I can achieve what I want to in Fashion, here in California. It’s purely a matter of clothing and the lack there of it. Plus, New York is a special place that forces you submit to all different types of cultures & ideas. As well, I love what happens there on the streets. It influences on me are unmeasurable.


When you think about home what do you think about?


I think about the Blackies parking lot & my friends hanging out there. Visually I can imagine, surfboards laid out on the pavement, fins being adjusted, cigarettes being smoked, pigeons being fed donuts & lots of Instagram stories being filmed… @grantnoble_


I see a lot of your shots on Instagram look familiar, southern California kind of places, where do you frequent when you’re in these parts?


I frequently can be found at; El Ranchito, Seaside Donuts, Alejandro’s, Alex Knost’s couch & my new favorite A’maree’s in Newport Beach.


The Archives: Jeffery Jones Part 1


What’s the most fun you’ve ever had shooting?


I can’t remember the last time I had fun. I know that sounds sad but I’m more worried about the pictures being my idea perfection. I do enjoy the time with my team & my assistants. Probably my favorite thing is seeing my GF for drinks afterwards and that feeling that you have of complete and total exhaustion.


Where are you the most hands on in your work?


I think I am mostly concerned with capturing the moment or non-moment of the subject. So with regards to fashion, I will direct the model to get what I want out of them. Sometimes I say nothing & other times I will say something to trigger an emotion. It can be really lame what comes out of my mouth & probably what most photographers say in general is, but I don’t care. I could get hit by a car so long as I get the picture & capture the emotion that I am trying to convey.


A workspace says a lot about a person. Where do you usually work and what does it look like?


Oh my God, I’m a neat freak to say the least! It’s in my home/ office in New York. It looks very clean but I tape random pictures, polaroids, collateral of images that were never used on the wall in front of me. It gives me a certain sorta peace that I am creating a world that agrees with me.


If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?


Public Image Limited "Second Edition"


Cassette tape? Record? Or online?


Cassette, records are too big for Virgo's.


The Archives: Jeffery Jones Part 1


Do you shoot mostly film or digital? Why?


I shoot them both equally I would say. It depends on the camera & approach that I want to have over the subject. Sometimes I want more control and to have a more precise way of working. The camera itself is an amazing device. It can slow time down or speed things up depending on your energy & how you choose to control the situation. But, I feel more connected to film.


What RAEN’s do you wear?


Luxury Wig “Ashtray"


Tell me a secret.


I secretly know what people are thinking...


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