Imagine a “typical” work day of travel, food, fashion and friends. What? That description doesn’t match your idea of an average day at the office? For French blogger and cross-continent wanderer Marie-Laure Daillut, this is her 9-5 world.


R: What’s a typical day like in the world of Marie?
M: I’m a full time daily dreamer and blogger, so I spend a lot of my time to live my dream and to speak about it on music, design, fashion, lifestyle & fooding- everything that makes me smile or inspired. Traveling and photography are the two key passions in my life that help me find some beautiful place to get lost in and capture for a moment- a digital moment for my readers. I have so many different days, it’s hard to choose a typical day between all them!

Usually, I get lost in one of my favorite magazines: Frankie,  Jalouse or Nylon – then I travel the web to get inspired.
Shooting, shopping and keeping my eyes open to new things- that’s the other part of my typical day. My boyfriend is a photographer/editor for Desillusion magazine, so we usually go to the beach for a surf, or just play with our little dog, Luna. If not, we hit the road to be surprised because that’s we love the most to do together… see new things, go to flea markets, a new city, new restaurant, new beach.

Another day, another sunset, life is ours.


R: Where/ what was your most memorable blogging trip?
M: My trip in Norway last year!!! It was crazy! Beautiful landscapes, snow out of sight, and dog sled races. I loved it!


R: What can you not live without when traveling?
M: My report book to write everything down and hold tickets & flowers, my camera to capture everything, and my Blackberry to film and check my emails!


R: In one word, you would describe your style as…
M: Bohemian


R: What’s on your current wish list?
M: A new camera because you stole my G10 at a party while I was dancing! But my greatest wish … a baby!


R: So where is your next trip? I am sure someplace great!
M: Vacation in Bali with my love!!

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