Words: Dustin Strong
Photo: Woody Gooch

RAEN Ambassador Alex Knost recently crafted three surfboards for the RVCA Boardroom, one Joel Tudor-esque longboard and two Gerry Lopez Hawaiian pintail miniguns. The video takes us through his board-building process that is heavily inspired by two of the greatest style-masters of surfing history.

Video footage: Tin Ojeda, out takes from the upcoming film "Free Jazz Vein”. Additional footage courtesy of Thomas Campbell, Rick Jorgenson, and Jamie Budge.
Music: Glitterbust

Joel Tudor is responsible for the second wave of traditional longboarding in the 90s and is widely accepted as one of the most stylish surfers on all types of wave-riding vehicles of all time. Gerry Lopez is regarded as the model for grace under pressure and was the superstar of the 70s, influencing the likes of every single surfer who came after.

The three surfboards available for purchase are functional works of art that truly commemorate the impact and influence Joel and Gerry had, not only on Alex but all surfers.

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