Matteo is an Italian surfer from Riccione, Romagna, a tourist town on the East coast of Italy, 200km south Venice.  He is compelled to chase waves on every possible kind of board through the entire Italian coast and beyond.

He surfs in front of his house, in the most consistent beach break in the area. Around Italy he’s surfing in Sardinia and in the West coast of Italy, like Tuscany.

His style shaped itself during the winter periods spent in Southern California, where he often lives and shares - with some amazing people - authentic surf culture made in USA. In California his favourite place is San Clemente and his favorite waves are Swami's, Church’s, Ventura, Rincon and Malibu.

He has been lucky to travel and be invited to a many longboard contests around Europe, always taking home really good positioning.  In Italy he tries to look for and recreate those adventures, places and emotions, dismantling and rebuilding old motorcycles and creating boards that can allow him to glide on his beloved home waves.

#ThroughTheEyes of Andrea Valeriani, Matia Brighi and Sara Morri

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